#SeeMe Campaign

I AM MORE - #SEEME - Let me reflect: A year ago I knew I wanted to create a safe place whereby woman felt it was OK to be broken, imperfectly perfect, to surrender; release the need to carry on & say 'please lift me'. To let the negative protective shield go & say please 'fix me'. To be loved, nurtured, supported; I didnt know who or how BUT I knew it had to start somewhere & somehow. Myself (Michelle), Mel & Claire formed #SeeMe alongside a few original members who knew there was a need.


What started as a casual meet up, led to a monthly event. The private group grew & we soon had many woman reaching out, from so many different backgrounds & life experiences. I applied for the Tesco Bags for Help Grant - The goal 'To raise awareness; money to help us with marketing, promotion, merchandise to hold our first event'. We were so pleased to have been accepted so imagine our surprise & delight to come first. It truly was the turning point for the Campaign. We have beautiful banners, leaflets, t-shirts, bracelets, keyrings, bags. A small family has formed & we 'get it', magic just happens, momentum is building. We are in talks to design an offical 'befriending service', film adaptive exercise so our members & the wider community can exercise at home (with proceeds to be returned to the Campaign). 

The idea to hold a Womans Wellness Event - it was decided no more than 20 stalls, to be intimate & inviting. We wanted woman to talk to stall holders, we said lets try educational talks, completely blind if this was a good idea. Much effort went into planning, preparing, running & what was scary we had no idea on who would want to host a stall & who would show up. 

Our first event took place October 2019 at CBC Thetford. We had many stall holders that only did they show up, they brought their expertise, donated raffle prizes & connected with the local community. Stalls included - ME Michelle Jermy The Wellness Clinic, Kate Turner (Cardiac Nurse), Jamie & Stephen (CBD Marketplace), Mel Mockett (Spiritual Healer), Tracy Gilchrist (Etoile Essential Oils), Claire & Jean (Vanga Lama), Ali Henshaw (Ali Henshaw Wellbeing), Rebecca Allen (Inspired to Change), Kim Ritchie (Centre Stage), Lauren Ephithite (Wellbeing Advocate), Lisa Odey (Scentsy), Harriet Comer (Tarot & Reiki), Sharon Rees (Tropic), Rebecca Bouchard (Body Shop). We also had many raffle prizes donated from the CBC gorgeous receptionist Jo, About Thetford, Old Skool Bar, Arty San & many more. The prices were packaged & raffled off in hampers; we put together a physical therapy hamper, talking therapy, arts & crafts, pamper hamper, feed your soul hamper. 

The day itself; the energy was magical, the woman from the local community interacted with the stall holders, the talks were very welcomed (some individuals stayed the whole 2.5 hours listening to the talks! With many kind words afterwards, such a positive vibe.

What does 2020 hold? We aim to launch an online home exercise, our monthly meet ups will continue but we are also looking to invite guest speakers along, we are looking into launching a befriending service (#SeeMe Angels)  but also the formation of #SeeMe Healers....................a collection of the very best local professional therapists & our next event - Sunday 26th April - date for the diary. 

We have various official #SeeMe items for sale, please visit the shop and for further details please contact iammoreseeme@gmail.com. Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Iammoreseeme