Known as the go to person for hip, back and pelvic floor issues. Michelle also has published research within specialist exercise. With an impressive portfolio contact today to find out what’s on offer at The Wellness Clinic & more importantly if it’s the right for you. 


In light of Covid-19 Michelle has devised an exercise referral scheme working with local health professionals including West Suffolk Hospital to ensure individuals whom may shy away from exercise due to health complaints, medical conditions and/or disabilities can access safe & effective exercise. 


Monthly membership which costs less than one 1.1 clinic session, gives you access to the live & online sessions from the comfort of your own home. 


Pilates, Yoga & adaptive exercise sessions are non-competitive, low impact (kind on your joints), you choose the level which means you can do; small or big movements, a few repetitions or many. Michelle teaches initiatively, teaching you to listen & respond to your body being aware of breath & what your body needs.


You also receive access to the whole catalogue of pre-recordings; 24/7 access anytime, anywhere. 


As an exercise specialist Michelle guides you, advises & supports to help you achieve your goals, exercise is for everybody. When you join full screening is carried out; health questionnaire plus a movement assessment, feedback is given with personal recommendations to ensure you start at the right level, exercise safely & effectively. 


In the members area you will find all recordings plus every month two new routines are added to the catalogue. Michelle goes live in the private group to answer any questions & her wellness talk are free to members. You have your own exercise specialist at home! 


In addition to the monthly memberships Michelle offers 1.1 personal training & exercise rehabilitation programmes. These are bespoke to every client; duration, frequency & type of exercise will be dependent on the presenting issues, please contact to discuss. 


In addition to the movement therapy above The Wellness Clinic offers Mind Therapy. As many of you will know as we move through this pandemic stress & the feelings of loss for the life we once knew may of caused low feelings, sadness, angry, despair. Mental pain is less noticeable than physical pain but more common & for many a deep dark pain to bear. It’s easier to say my tooth hurts than to say my heart is broken. The 1.1 appointments are held in the strictest confidence. Let therapy hear & hold you while you work through your events, emotions, thoughts & feelings.

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