Pilates Day

The first Saturday of May celebrates Pilates Day. Its an annual, international, community event celebrated every year across the country to increase awareness of the Pilates Method, help people understand that Pilates is for everyone, and give people the opportunity to give Pilates a try. I offered a free Pilates taster to celebrate the day BUT wanted to dedicate ‘Teach on Tuesday' as an opportunity of reflection.

During Covid-19 every Tuesday I run a Pilates session online & teach a exercise rehabilitation which is now an advanced focused Pilates 1.1 personal training session.

When I look at my Pilates journey I appreciate I am very fortunate. I have received excellent training, mentoring, work experience, research, support from some of the best instructors, training schools, NHS & private professionals, which has allowed me to build an extensive client portfolio; working with a range of clients.

I have taught, in leisure centres, private gyms, school halls, community centres, the core studio, various clinics, now my own wellness clinic, online, in peoples homes, on the beach. What next? I have had a deep talk with myself, what has been a demon of mine? Peoples perception - Over the years I have received many comments for being 'curvy'. Truth for those that used to attend Pilates in the village halls when my book was just an idea; the only reason it took so long to come to fruition was the fear of photos - thinking I wasn’t good enough; probably 4 years worrying, stressing thinking when I lose weight.........Now 3 stone heavier I look back & think damn you looked good (oh what we would say to our younger self). So I sit here now thinking I know some may think she possibly don't know her stuff as she doesn't look like a Pilates instructor, truth some will always find fault as that the type of people they are! Well I ve decided enough hiding. I finally accept me, I appreciate & am so grateful, Pilates has got me through injury, trauma, pregnancy, depression & surgery. I have witnessed the magic, I know those I work with see results so with this in mind I’m taking the plunge I'm creating a YouTube Channel.

Plus Size Me & My Pilates Mat

Once I load material on I will circulate & appreciate your support as I build subscribers. I will also run various incentives to help build the awareness.

Much love, Michelle

P.S. Never devalue your worth on other peoples perceptions. Maybe the one thing you think you cant do is the one thing you need to do!

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