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Launching 1st November 2020, new membership offerings which include:

1. Hips, Bums & Tums Membership

We come in different shapes & sizes but with this membership you are guaranteed workouts to help you get a more lifted and chiseled derriere aka ‘booty’. Focusing on these core muscles will also support your lower back & knees from injury. No impact, lots of variations & adaptations, suitable for all levels.

2. Optimal Back Health Membership

If lower back pain causes you a reduction in the quality of life you are currently living, limits your movement, stops you doing the things you love then this membership is for you. A selection of stretches & strengthening exercises, adapted & progressed for every individual. It really is the essential start of your recovery for optimal back health.

3. Simply Stretch Membership

If you feel constantly stressed, tight or tense. If every time you attempt to get back into exercise you get injured, sign up to the simple stretch membership to give your body time to release, restore before your rebuild. After only a few weeks feel the difference, lengthened, released & ready for more.

4. Movement Matters Membership

Exercise is for all. This membership works closely with local health professionals including West Suffolk Hospital to ensure individuals whom may shy away from exercise due to health complaints, medical conditions and/or disabilities can access safe & effective exercise.

Conditions include but not exclusive too: high blood pressure, post heart attack or surgery, diabetic, lower back pain, anxiety/depression, asthmatic and weight management.

5. Stress Less, Sleep Well Membership

Its ok to not feel ok. We are in a pandemic, if you feel concerned for the future, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful the stress less, sleep well membership is for you. The goal through breathing, relaxation, meditation recordings you learn to reduce your stress levels resulting in improving your sleep.

Memberships Include:

Instant 24/7 access to the catalogue of recordings, the recordings vary from 10-45 minutes, a full breakdown is given on membership description.

You receive discounts & vouchers.

Every month new recordings are added.

Sign up for November & December by October 31st & receive January FREE.

Further details on the memberships available, sign up today. or drop us a message to express interest.


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