Move More, Stress Less

28 Days of Health & Happiness

A second lockdown will be tough, this time round I am moving into the lockdown confident with online teaching, I have numerous recordings & very much aware just how much so many will need support, mentally & physically.

The following package aims to provide you with numerous ways to cope with lockdown including:

· Staying Active – I will post various recordings & invite you to attend live sessions; aimed at complete beginners through to individuals with a history of exercise.

· Positive Habits – I will set various tasks to ensure you engage & keep your thoughts out of the dark pit.

· Take Time For You – This is designed to ensure you keep structure but also plan time for you. It does not matter when you complete, you have access 24/7 to the private group.

· I will be teaching a number of NLP coping strategies & the support group will be the first place to reach for help if you feel you are spiralling & need further support.

· The group will be a community, we will connect, we will help each other.

When I calculated the total costs the value is over £150 (classes, workshops, therapy). To enable me to help & support many I’m offering for £25.

Check out the timetable of contents & click the link to sign up today!


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