Michelle’s Monday Moment

This weekend I was back studying & I wanted to share some feelings that surfaced in hope I can reassure others the imposter resides in us all but you can push on & follow your dreams.

As many of you know I m studying a course in Clinical Sexology. Gained my place through my MSc & experience within therapy.

New cohort a mix of GP's, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Relationship Therapists, Sexual Health Nurses, Occupational Health Therapists & Social Workers. Many have years of experience. During the formalities our clinical placements were discussed, some of the strongest learners will be offered placement at the prestigious Priory Hospital North London. I found myself step back, I will let the other learners with more experience go for the role. I should count myself lucky I am even here bla bla bla. The feelings of low self worth were surfacing, the whole I don't deserve that opportunity.

Why am I sharing? It knocked me, I allowed my anxious, self doubt creep in, I let my thoughts wonder. A good strong talk to myself, followed by some great practicals with fellow learners I aligned my dream & promised to open my mindset to go beyond what I first thought was possible.

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