Michelle’s Monday Moment

When you can’t control a situation you can control how you think about it! Your thoughts - I love the saying imagine your mind as a vase, you can grow flowers (happy/positive thoughts or you can grow weeds (negative thoughts).

Obviously some situations are s**t, sometimes life is hard BUT for those times where you could add some positivity look for it. Use all your resources, your coping mechanisms, learn more, ask for help.

For me personally during Covid-19 I have had to increase my own personal therapy, I ve increased my meditation, my energy cleaning. Every day I start the day making sure my thoughts are where I need them to me & before bed I do exactly the same. Clear out what I don’t need! Literally letting any negativity go or energy that doesn’t belong to me, yeap we collect/absorb everything that is going on around us. Tonight on the Pilates session I took the group through some relaxation and a short mantra to help them release the s**t.

What coping mechanisms are you currently using? Would you like to learn more? Have a great week all ❤️ stay safe, stay well, much love.

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