Lockdown Life

As we move through these uncertain times, what was once normal no longer exists. Many health & fitness professionals are running online classes to bring some normality back to their members. Many are metaphorically stripped naked, teaching from their own homes, juggling demands of children, pets, partners. Today the new normal consists of my cat joining in, my daughter thinking she is singing quietly whilst I performed a Facebook Live, teaching, filming, recording, planning BUT still not forgetting ‘play’. Through all of this, those of us with young children in our lives watch how easily they adapt, watch their desire for fun, for laughter. I ve definitely reconnected with my inner child & I ve quite liked it. Do something silly I dare you, do something you think grown ups don’t do.............


The Wellness Clinic Live & Online is running regular weekly sessions with many additional pop up sessions. Contact for further details & membership options ❤️.

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