Hows things have changed.........

One thing for sure The Wellness Clinic has definitely looked different over the last 5 weeks. My confidence with Zoom has grown, I m leading my regular weekly Pilates, monthly Rest & Restore and my weekly Exercise For All (this week we went into breakout rooms (smaller groups) after class for a chat, was so lovely to hear and see members talking & enjoying with many thanks to the technology.

I opted for Zoom as it allows me to watch every person, I still get to correct technique, individualise the exercises & advise throughout. For this I am very grateful but there is a BUT coming................

I am aware some people just are too shy to exercise over Zoom, technology puts the fear into them or they simply cannot commit to the class timings................

I have listed below some tasters of what we have been doing. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on your favourite sessions, what you would like more of. Remember during these unusual times WELLNESS is key, our goals may have changed. Your feedback matters as I devise the schedule around my members.

A Selection Of Sessions Include: Move & Melt Pilates I am going to take you through mobilising & releasing of the lower back before some controlled core, finishing with relaxation.

Soulful Stretch Pilates A full body stretch; mindful movement. The whole body will feel released & relaxed.

Pilates All body conditioning (various levels given) with a welcomed stretch to finish.

Pilates Play We start by moving, releasing & stretching before doing a focused core set. To finish we take a deep stretch & relax. Those with bender ball & Pilates ring please bring to the session.

Balls, balls & more balls. Bender ball, tennis balls, golf balls: alternative exercises given if no equipment. A tension release session with a core set to finish.

Upper Body Release & Pelvic Floor Focus Let’s release the tightness & tension before coming down onto our mats to focus our attention on the pelvic floor.

Pilates for Lower Body This session we focus on the back & hips. Moving, mobilising, stretching with some controlled strength (various levels given).

Rest & Restore Relax the body, release the stress & restore. Breathe, move, stretch, relax & enjoy a guided meditation to take you away.

What Next?

Let's think into the future even once lockdown lifts I think the new NORMAL will be a different normal. With this in mind I'm considering what my memberships & sessions may look like. In addition to my Live & online & in person (when that time comes & we can be together, what about the following:

1. Online Memberships Live sessions via Facebook when the Zoom sessions are taking place & a weekly movement therapy over Facebook live, accessible 24/7.

2. Packages More exclusive packages with specialist pre recorded movement sessions aimed at staying mobile, functional & maintaining medical/skeletal conditions.

3. Courses/Therapy I am considering a 4 week anxiety/stress releasing course (ideas on a name i.e does anxiety/stress release make people rolls their eyes or think when I have time OR something like Let The Shit Go, Release & Relax The Mind or Take Your Therapist Home. A weekly live (webinar/workshop), a task to complete with option of weekly short coaching call to discuss the task?

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