Health Is Wealth – Invest In Yourself

Your very own exercise specialist, mind & movement therapist from the comfort of your own home for just over £1 per day. 

The Wellness Clinic Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to the online weekly sessions via zoom or Facebook live. (worth £140)

  • 24/7 access to the full catalogue which includes Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Core, Pelvic Floor, Lower Back Care, Breathing & Meditation (priceless – rehabilitation/conditioning on demand).

  • Access to the members only PRIVATE Facebook group. (stay connected).

  • Every month 2 x new home workouts uploaded chosen by members. (worth £14)

  • Every month a new breathing or meditation uploaded (worth £10).

  • Every month FREE access to a wellness workshop (worth £15).

  • 20% discount off Pop Up Pilates (£3 discount per session; £12 per month).

  • 10% discount off The Clinic Gift Shop (save £’sssss)

  • Member discounts & special offers throughout the year. (the gift of giving).

  • Member socials held in the clinic, stay safe, stay connected, stay positive.  (when women support each other amazing things happen).

All this for just over £1 per day, only £40 per month paid by standing order the 1st of every month or sign up via the website.

The total worth is priceless but to put it in monetary terms; the total value per month is over £200, you receive all of the above for only £10 per week. Weather your goals are overall health, to move more, core strength, back care, weight loss, pelvic floor, stress relief, body confidence or improve fitness. There is something for everybody; seated mobilisation, gentle body conditioning, core, through to calorie crunching, deep strengthening.  When you join you are asked to complete a health questionnaire & complete some additional assessments so I can advise what is safe & effective, I will recommend additional sessions from the extensive catalogue that will support you to achieve your goals. I am here as your guide for complete wellness in mind & body. Trust the process & watch the magic happen.

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