Fitness vs. Wellness - Exactly what is it that you do?

Definitely a question I often get asked............What do you do? When you read a selection of my testimonials taken from my Facebook Page you can see what I do clearly varies!

Let me take you back to a fitness crazed teenager. I used to teach every class imaginable, I remember my first week of exercise referral & when I asked why don't you currently exercise my client replied 'I don't like it', this comment was something I couldn't comprehend. I loved exercise, I loved fitness, my parents would say I had two boyfriends 'Pool' & 'Gym'. If I weren't with one I was with the other.

Over the years I soon learnt pain on exercise, embarrassment of what others would think, fear of walking in for the first time, lack of self worth - they had no time to make time for their own health & wellness were reoccurring barriers. During my masters & further specialist qualifications I really got to appreciate the level of impact the mind can have on exercise uptake & adherence. I wanted to create a safe place whereby women didn't feel judged, were supported, even nurtured back to their true self, we often just get a little lost in life. My style of delivery led women to feel safe & secure to work at a level that was right for their body on that day, over time I watched their confidence grow, what happened next, they got stronger, they started to believe they could achieve & worked on other areas of the jigsaw to build complete wellness.

The concept you can be fit BUT unhealthy but also healthy and not fit. My passion was the whole jigsaw, complete wellness. How we look, how we move, what we say, what we think, the food we eat, the lifestyle choices we make. The pleasure we allow ourself. By building a safe place clients will open up & you truly get to support them on the bigger issues - thats where the magic happens. When someone feels they can confide in you & tell you their true pain spots right there you can make energetic shifts. Thats where the name Magic Michelle comes from.

So in summary The Wellness Clinic is a special place which assesses everyone as an individual, I look at what part of the jigsaw to work on first & using a number of mind or movement therapies put the jigsaw back together.

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