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The Body & Mind Transformation Programmme 4 Weeks To Believing In Yourself & Getting Healthy Results

Transform your body, mind, energy & confidence

• Set meaningful goals that inspire you. • Break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, shame & guilt. • Discover the benefits of movement therapy, stress management & sleep.

Do you believe you cannot lose weight? Does your mind play on repeat the words ‘if I lose weight’, ‘when I lose weight?’, are you missing out on certain aspects of your life due to your body confidence?

If you find yourself yo-yo dieting, or simply spend so much time on a diet without seeing or feeling the results, read below.

Maybe you are tired, lack energy, in an attempt to lose weight restrict certain foods & find yourself unhappy with the resistance to weight loss. Maybe you struggle with accepting your shape, your stage of life, feeling ignored with hormonal issues & the impact on the quality of your life. Together let’s change this, let’s get you back in the driving seat, lets live life.

The 4-week Body & Mind Transformation Programme; no fad diets, no high impact exercise. I’m committed to helping you achieve your health & wellness goals using an holistic approach. REAL food, REAL support, REAL changes, REAL results.

Over the 4 intensive weeks we explore all areas of your life to ensure you reach optimal health & wellness. We get control on what holds you back, focus you on where you want to go. Change your mindset with NLP techniques, Prepare a S.M.A.R.T plan to reach your goals & support you every step on your journey.

Eating well, exercise & a healthy balance of sleep, work & play significantly impact how we feel. The Body Confidence Programme works through triggers, beliefs & supports you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. No strict diets, more focused education & intuitive eating, learning to deal with the emotional eating, exercise to build confidence, specialising in low impact with much focus on core, hips & bits.

You receive wellness talks from me, motivational videos, group support, access to the online exercise catalogue, group therapy sessions, a doodle diary, eating plan & recipe ideas – quick, simple suitable for the whole family.

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The programme starts 14th September.

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