The Pilates Timetable 

I offer Matwork Based Pilates sessions varying from stretch & rehabilitation through to hard & fast calorie crunching, there truly is something for everyone. ​ When someone comes to me with a medical condition, disability, injury, fear on movement or lack of movement I am so passionate to guide them to be able to move in a way they never thought possible’, exercise is for all & we can achieve so much; more than many of our initial limited thoughts would have us believe.


Pure Pilates

Pilates is based on contrology (complete coordination of mind, body & spirit. It is not easy, dull nor boring. Obviously Pilates is my Passion & it brings me joy & excitement to explore & play with the original moves & witness those individuals who thought exercise wasn’t for them flourish & become healthier & happier, fitter & stronger.


Specialist Pilates

I come from a wellness background specialising in exercise medicine, women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body. Pelvic floor & back rehabilitation have been of high importance over the years. My specialist Pilates routines include chair, floor, standing, pelvic floor & lower back. 


Fitness Pilates

Being diagnosed with a lower back condition I truly thought my fitness days were over. Fitness Pilates allows me to combine my love of Pilates & fitness together. A fun, effective FULL BODY workout using your body weight and small equipment. Always lots of adaptations and progressions, allowing you to work at your own level. Pulse, squeeze, hold, repeat!


Release Me

Stress, injury, or chronic conditions can cause the muscles to get tight & hold tension. The Release Me sessions involve lots of deep stretching  & relaxation. 


Rest & Restore

 The online & live class starts with release work, focused techniques to really work through tight & tense body parts. We then move into the stretch & relax; movement therapy for body & mind. The last section I invite you to bring any questions forward as we quiet the conscious self & call upon your unconscious mind & beyond to provide clearer answers. Expect to feel rested & restored, distressed & replenished. 


Pilates on Demand

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