Exercise specialists and personal trainers need to know how to safely perform a number of different exercises. They also need to understand the impact those exercises will have on a person's physical health. Exercise specialists have specific qualifications,  knowledge & expertise to be able to work with people who have been affected by disease or chronic illness/injury and their objective is to help improve the person's physical health through exercise.  Personal trainers do not usually work with people who have medical conditions unless they have studied additional qualifications . They focus on working with clients that have specific health & fitness goals.


Below I have outlined the type of exercise rehabilitation & personal training I offer.

Exercise Rehabilitation 

Over 15 years as an exercise specialist  I have built up an impressive portfolio. I hold specific qualifications within exercise medicine enabling me to work alongside health professionals in cardiac, stroke rehabilitation, back care, pelvic floor restore and exercise referral.

Exercise rehabilitation is bespoke to every client; duration, frequency & type of exercise will be dependent on the presenting issues. On enquiry a health questionnaire & information will be gathered. During the initial assessment I will outline the options & you will be clear on the process & expected number of sessions.

Some clients will have a rehabilitation programme devised by myself & work through at home or in their local gym & attend check ups monthly, other people attend the clinic 1-2 times per week, everyone is unique but from the assessment it will be made clear. To enquire please click below.



‘I usually wake several times a night with pins & needles in my right hand due to a trapped nerve, you certainity did the trick, feeling released. The best nights sleep I ve had in ages’ – Karen


‘I had no core or pelvic floor strength before Pilates, in truth my weak bladder really affected the quality of my life. Now I feel strong and confident, I am able to do so much more, it has dramatically helped my mental & physical wellness’ - Claire



Michelle’s Thoughts

‘When someone comes to me with a condition, medical condition, fear on movement or lack of movement I am so passionate to guide them to be able to move in a way they never thought possible’, exercise is for all & we can achieve so much more than many of our initial limited thoughts would have us believe.

Home Visits
Specific Adapted Home Programmes
Short Term Rehabilitation
Long Term Rehabilitation
Home Visits
Specific Adapted Home Programmes
Short Term Rehabilitation
Long Term Rehabilitation

Personal Training 

Maybe your health & fitness has deteriorated and you have lost confidence. Do you always put others over you? Are you not important enough to give yourself time? Have you tried gruelling fitness regimes & restrictive diets & got little change? Repetitive failure just adds to confidence issues, low mood & energy.  As a Movement & Mind Therapist within 28 days your whole body & mind can be changed completely. Personal Training gives you exclusive 1.1 time to have a specific programme devised & constantly adapted for you.
Maybe you have a specific goal? - a complete transformation you have been thinking of? Dedicate time and effort, build rapport and watch the magic happen. I will embrace the challenge & take you through step by step, if you can visualise it you can get it! 
An initial meeting is carried out to check suitability, to discuss options & packages. Maybe train with a friend or a family member *terms and conditions apply.

Maybe you are not seeing results.
 You do not know where to start.
You need to be challenged.
You want to learn how to exercise on your own.
 You need accountability and motivation.
Whatever your exercise journey here at The Wellness Clinic I will devise a safe and effective plan of which we work at, striving towards your goals. I am here to guide & take you to whatever goal you wish, are you ready?


'Michelle came into my life when I had hit rock bottom. She made me realise my potential and chase my dreams. It's because of her I had the courage to follow my dreams and do what I am passionate about everyday. Because of Michelle, I have also managed to reconnect with old friends and I have made lots more. My confidence has hit a new high and my life has been filled with more 'well that didn't work out did it' than 'what ifs', Michelle and her aura are incredibly contagious, beautiful inside and out. I feel honoured to know her and have her in my life;. - Nadine


Michelle’s Thoughts

‘We often get so caught up on the end goal we forget to enjoy the journey. As a Specialist Exercise Instructor/Personal Trainer, NLP/Energy Practitioner & Therapist I am committed to helping you achieve your health & wellness goals using an holistic approach. There are no fad diets, no high impact exercise. I help get you into alignment and then you watch the magic happen.

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