Movement Matters (Coming Soon)

Exercise On Referral

‘when you move your health improves’

Covid-19 highlighted the importance of health. For individuals living with medical conditions the pandemic caused much fear and resulted in isolation for many. One positive from lockdown was the realisation that online exercise can be safe and effective even for older adults and those at high risk.


Over the years Michelle Jermy has worked in exercise referral. Unfortunately lack of funding has meant many successful programmes were not sustainable. Covid-19 has highlighted the need of exercise on prescription. 


Michelle has been working hard behind the scenes to find a way to bring such a programme back to Thetford and surrounding areas. There has been a lot of paperwork, filming, establishing working relationships but The Wellness Clinic is pleased to announce Movement Matters – Exercise On Prescription will be launching this September 2020.  


The programme will be working with local health professionals including West Suffolk Hospital to ensure individuals whom may shy away from exercise due to health complaints, medical conditions and/or disabilities can access safe & effective exercise. 


Conditions include but not exclusive too: high blood pressure, post heart attack or surgery, diabetic, lower back pain, anxiety/depression, asthmatic and weight management.


Are you looking to improve your health? 

Wanting to increase your fitness? 

Increase your activity after illness or injury? 

Gain ease on movement? 

Feel good about yourself? 

Would you love to return to a sport or a form of exercise that currently seems impossible?


If you answered yes, read on. 


As an exercise specialist Michelle guides you, advises & supports to help you achieve your goals, exercise is for everybody. Known as the go to person for hip, back and pelvic floor issues. Michelle also has published research within specialist exercise (cardiac rehabilitation). 


When you join full screening is carried out; a health and lifestyle questionnaire plus a movement assessment, feedback is given with personal recommendations to ensure you start at the right level, exercise safely & effectively. 


With an impressive portfolio rest assured all sessions can be adapted. You can start movement therapy and watch your health improve. 


Michelle is kindly offering everyone referred 50% discount for two months off her monthly online memberships. You receive all the benefits of the clinic membership; access to the live & online sessions from the comfort of your own home. 


Pilates, Yoga & adaptive exercise sessions are non-competitive, low impact (kind on your joints), you choose the level which means you can do; small or big movements, a few repetitions or many. Michelle teaches initiatively, teaching you to listen & respond to your body being aware of breath & what your body needs. For the full timetable please visit the website


You also receive access to the whole catalogue of pre-recordings; 24/7 access anytime, anywhere. 

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