The Wellness Clinic & MJ

The Wellness Clinic offers small group movement therapy inspired by Pilates, Yoga & exercise rehabilitation. Every session is adapted for every individual & you strive for your own goals, fully supported by myself & the other members.

Please read my story to recognise you are in good hands. I have an impressive portfolio of clients & learners that I have taught over my 20 years in the industry. 

Movement Therapy includes; Pilates, Yoga, Rest & Restore, Meditation, Chakra Alignment, Personal Training, Pelvic Floor, Back & Hip Release. Small group or 1.1.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact. M. 07725582817

About MJ

I’m first and foremost mother and human. By no means perfect but true to my beliefs, a strong presence, a ‘feeling’ to be a voice for others or quite simply to inspire, give hope and empower women. 


‘I help women feel less broken! I use a variety of health & wellness techniques & therapies including pilates, yoga, exercise rehabilitation, nutrition, NLP, chakra alignment, counselling, mindfulness & meditation to ensure my clients embrace who they are & live healthy, happy & aligned. 


‘I apply my experience & skillset to the human in front of me. There is no set programme as we are all individual, I look at all areas of my clients life. I specialise in listening and observing and together we decide the steps to ensure my clients align and achieve not just their goals but their dreams’.


Furthermore, if they still remain broken, I empower them to love & accept their ‘you’ ness as last time I checked even broken crayons create beautiful pictures.


This raw passion excites my desire as a women’s wellness specialist, which organically evolved my career as an author, presenter and mentor’.

My Background

In 2019 I celebrated 20 years in the health & fitness industry. Over the years I have witnessed many changes and my role within group fitness evolved; I have taught every style of class imaginable for big fitness chains, independent gyms and my own community programme. I have trained all types of clients on a 1.1, worked within a professional football club. I have presented on large stages, had medical research published, won various awards, set up a prize winning exercise referral programme, lectured, tutored and assessed hundreds, if not thousands of learners.


Despite a strong academic background and successful opportunities my personal life left me battling depression, self-doubt, low self-worth, continuously reliving mistakes, making wild choices. I was presenting to the world as two very different people.


It was at the brink of giving up, when the outcome of the darkness was not thinkable I made life decisions that has led me on a path which I truly believe is my purpose. I set up a non profit campaign I am more #SeeMe - 


2019 I decided to follow my dream & study a clinical specialism in 'Sexology'. Though much study & commitment lies ahead. I feel blessed and excited to be on this evolving journey & look forward to qualifying as a Clinical Sexologist (Psychosexual Therapist), a perfect compliment to my treatments & therapies already offered.

I acknowledge sexual energy is life force energy. As a woman when we feel aligned in head, heart and hara we are fulfilled; talking about sex & sexual related issues shouldn't be taboo.