Movement Is Medicine

Are you looking to improve your health? Wanting to increase your fitness? Increase your activity after illness or injury? Gain ease on movement? Feel good about yourself? Would you love to return to a sport or a form of exercise that currently seems impossible?

If you answered yes, read on. 

Whats Available at The Wellness Clinic

Monthly Online Membership saving £'s

Small Group In Person Clinic Sessions

1.1 Personal Training &/or Exercise Rehabilitation

Movement Matters - Exercise Referral Programme

Wellness Workshops

Counselling & NLP Therapy

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Michelle has made regular appearances on local tv & radio for her work within the private & NHS section. She also writes for various publications.

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The Wellness Clinic - Movement & Mind Therapy 

The Wellness Clinic  Membership - Online

Pilates, Yoga & adaptive exercise sessions are non-competitive, low impact (kind on your joints), you choose the level which means you can do; small or big movements, a few repetitions or many. You also receive access to the whole catalogue of pre-recordings; 24/7 access anytime, anywhere

Pilates In Person - Small Group

Themed small group Personal Training Pop Up Sessions (max 4)

Safe & effective, bring you questions, goals & l; let Michelle adapt & demonstrate movements/exercises to ensure your progress with your journey.

Personal Training & Exercise Rehabilitation

With over 15 years as an exercise specialist  I have built up an impressive portfolio. I hold specific qualifications within exercise medicine enabling me to work alongside health professionals in cardiac, stroke rehabilitation, back care, pelvic floor restore and exercise referral.

Maybe your health & fitness has deteriorated and you have lost confidence. As a Movement & Mind Therapist within 28 days your whole body & mind can be changed completely. 

Mind Therapy 

As we move through life; events, people & situations affect our beliefs, may cause us to have negative thoughts, feelings, responses to situations. This can limit our ability to live life fully, leave us with anxiety, overwhelm, stress &/or depression. I specialise in body confidence, self love & acceptance; releasing the past & reprogramming your mind so you find your authentic self & live life on your terms with a calmer, more positive mindset. 

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