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Michelle has made regular appearances on local tv & radio for her work within the private & NHS section. She also writes for various publications.


The Wellness Clinic - Movement & Mind Therapy 

The VIP Wellness Clinic  Membership - Online

Pilates, Yoga & adaptive exercise sessions are non-competitive, low impact (kind on your joints), you choose the level which means you can do; small or big movements, a few repetitions or many. You can join me live on Zoom or Facebook Live or have access to the whole catalogue of pre-recordings; 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.

As a VIP member you also receive free access to the monthly wellness talks & online Rest & Restore. 

Pre-recorded Memberships

I've listened, I've created. Excited to release a number of specific pre-recorded online memberships for you. Including: Hips, Bums & Tums, Optimal Back Health, Stress Less, Sleep Well, Simply Stretch & Movement Matters. 

You receive instant access to specific recordings to help you achieve your goals for a monthly membership that can be cancelled anytime. 

Personal Training & Exercise Rehabilitation

With over 15 years as an exercise specialist  I have built up an impressive portfolio. I hold specific qualifications within exercise medicine enabling me to work alongside health professionals in cardiac, stroke rehabilitation, back care, pelvic floor restore and exercise referral.

Maybe your health & fitness has deteriorated and you have lost confidence. As a Movement & Mind Therapist within 28 days your whole body & mind can be changed completely. 

Mind Therapy 

As we move through life; events, people & situations affect our beliefs, may cause us to have negative thoughts, feelings, responses to situations. This can limit our ability to live life fully, leave us with anxiety, overwhelm, stress &/or depression. I specialise in body confidence, self love & acceptance; releasing the past & reprogramming your mind so you find your authentic self & live life on your terms with a calmer, more positive mindset. 

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